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Hey guys, this is Ash ThePR… I notice that the same questions keep getting asked… over and over and over and over.  Sooooo… here’s an FAQ for you all!

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~~Is this really the end for Kai & Luard’s story?~~
We have the extra from the Drama CD and the Daria magazine from April, but unless more are released, yes. You can always follow Hasumi-san’s Twitter (, Insta (, and Pixiv ( for art and updates. Unfortunately though, there is no second volume for this pairing.

~~So no babies/pregnancy for Kai & Ruado?~~
Unless sensei posts art or extras about them in the future, no...

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What to comment on Mangaka’s social media posts

Hey Guys!
Regarding this note:
I got many messages. Many of you aren’t quite satisfied with just “liking” mangaka’s social media posts, but want to comment something, so I thought I’d make a little post with some phrases you can use that are polite and appropriate. I’ll post the kanji/kana, so you can just copy and paste the lines and just add all the emoji’s you want ^^
先生 応援しています! – Sensei I’m supporting you!
ありがとうございました – Thank you very much
お疲れ様です – Good job / thank you for your work (for work in progress)
お疲れ様 で し た – Good job / thank you for your work (for finished work)
Contributions from my translator and friend Jien:
話が面白くて、ドキドキしました!! – The story was s...
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Hidoku Shinaide manga and doujin in chronologically correct order

Hidoku Shinaide Manga and Dj in the correct order:
If you use this list, you won’t miss anything!

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A little anniversary

I just discovered, that I had a little scanlation anniversary a while ago. I missed it, but I thought it’s worth to be mentioned ^^

On January 25th, 2016 I released my first scanlation on my private tumblr, because back then I didn’t have a group. For Chapter 1 of Nande sonna ni kawaii no it was just me buying raws, scanning, “cleaning” (I didn’t know what leveling and dusting are back then ^^”), translating, typesetting and so on. From chapter 2 onwards I had NQS as my proofreader by my side.
I started scanlating for a few Facebook friends and then I decided to post it on my tumblr as well.
After I had picked up Egoistic Blue someone reported me to Sublime (licensed in eng as ebook) after calling me out publicly – my first scanlation drama, awww xDD – and I thought it would...

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Yaoi/BL Mangaka on Twitter

A list of yaoi mangaka twitter.

Please do never ever under any circumstances tweet scanlation caps/pages/links to a mangaka!!!

Please don’t mention scanlation projects in general, only talk about official english releases!

Please also consider that most mangaka’s english isn’t good, so tweeting them in english could be embarrassing for them, because they might be forced to answer in english too, and it’s quite impolite. If you don’t know japanese or you have no one to translate, it’s better to just like the tweet instead. And most artists don’t like when “work in progress” pictures are being retweeted, please only like those.

If you have suggestions for other mangaka, please leave a comment and I’ll add them to the list 🙂

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How to use a proxy service

Hey Guys!

Many of you want to order from Japanese Shops that don’t ship worldwide, and I’m gonna tell you how to do so now ^^

(Proxy Service means they buy things for you from japanese shops that don’t ship overseas for example)

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