Hey Guys!

Sad news, but I’m sure you will understand.
As you probably have noticed, our release rate dropped drastically. We used to release much much faster, but there are several reasons why we slowed down.
I used to be at home 24/7, but I’m not anymore. I have new obligations I have to take care of and on top of that my health situation got worse and worse. So the little free time I have, I can barely find the energy to do anything at all, so I often end up watching stupid Mukbang videos on youtube. Because I don’t even have the energy to get emotionally invested in manga or anime, so I dont really read or watch anything. I also had a really bad depression flare a few months ago that I’m still struggling with.
Plus, a few team members left our group over time because of personal reasons. Their life’s changed and they weren’t able to work on scanlation anymore. And the staff members that are left, bless their brave souls lol, also have their real life’s that keep them very busy, and they try to do as much as they can in their free time. Health, real life, jobs, kids… we already talked about that ^^

So due to all that, I decided to drop some projects for good.
I’m sorry to the fans, but I just really hope you understand the situation I’m in. It’s either that, or a loooong hiatus, or just quitting scanlation completely (yes, I’ve thought about that)… But in the end I decided to narrow down our project list.

The projects we are keeping are:

– Everything Scarlet Beriko related (Jealousy, the upcoming Jackass spin off)
– Everything Nekota Yonezou related (Hidoku Doujin, other projects – Hidoku itself will be continued by Aoba’s Fine Ass Scans)
– Everything from Hasumi Hana’s Omegaverse (Remnant, Petit Mignon, Pendulum)
– Yupiter ni onegai by Yoshimi Arai
– Erv by Sera
– Kore ga koi by Kanda Neko
– Juuyoku Porno
– The Shinachiku Shota Doujin

The projects we are dropping are:

– Yarichin Bitch Bu
– Harami Bara
– Six Sex
– Kawaii anata ni amai wana
– Mata koko kara

If anyone out there would like to pick them up, please text me and I will provide you with everything I have 🙂

Three of our projects are being handed over to another group. @azandynofansub​ are taking over:

– Aijin Reizoku Allergy
– Aijin Senzoku Ecstacy
– Blanc (from chapter 4 on! We are already working on ch 3, but it’ll be the last one we’re doing)
I picked up Blanc back then because no one else did, but so many wanted to read it, so I basically just wanted to help the fans. I myself have no interest in it tho, so I’m glad that they’re gonna take it over ^^

I’m really sorry guys.




  • maddy06  says:

    Thank you so much for the hard work so far and thank you for going on scanlating in spite of hardships !
    I wish you the best for the future.

  • rensei_chan  says:

    No apologies necessary! Thank you for all the work done so far on those projects. And wishing you and the team all the best in health and life in general! Stay strong!

  • Ana  says:

    Thank you, and take care 😊

  • laketica  says:

    take care of yourself!! *hugs* thank you for everything~ hope things improve for you!

  • Barbara  says:

    Wow thanks for letting me know you dropped my project.

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