Our Tumblr blogs have been terminated!

Just so you know.
We probably have been reported. I already contacted their support, let’s wait and see what will happen.
For now you can contact me and send asks here: supergayscanlations.tumblr.com



  • Sakeru  says:

    I don’t understand what it brings to people to do that…>< Cant' they mind their own business ? haha

    Meanwhile Good luck guys ! =)

  • Yeah  says:

    Apparently tumblr was the one who deleted it. They are deleting nsfw blogs because their bots got too out of hand and the AppStore don’t allow nsfw stuff so the App Store removed their app and tumblr is trying to fix that by deleting blogs.

  • phyrigia  says:

    there are far worse nsfw blog but there was no action from t*mblr… so some people might have reported your blog..

  • Jazz-Jackrabbit  says:

    oh gosh, what a relief, I know tumblr are removing blogs left and right but my heart dropped when I saw your blog gone! dumb tumblr going after BL when there’s actual porn out there… I do hope you manage to get it back, but even if not, I’m sure all of us loyal follower will find you again! thank you as always for working hard for us ^O^

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