Hey guys, this is Ash ThePR… I notice that the same questions keep getting asked… over and over and over and over.  Sooooo… here’s an FAQ for you all!

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~~Is this really the end for Kai & Luard’s story?~~
We have the extra from the Drama CD and the Daria magazine from April, but unless more are released, yes. You can always follow Hasumi-san’s Twitter ( https://twitter.com/fw_kisskiss), Insta ( https://www.instagram.com/fw_kisskiss/), and Pixiv ( https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=15436708) for art and updates. Unfortunately though, there is no second volume for this pairing.

~~So no babies/pregnancy for Kai & Ruado?~~
Unless sensei posts art or extras about them in the future, no. We do love the series, so we’ll be watching for that. For now, we just have to imagine them (or write fanfiction about them, like me ^__^;; hehe…)

~~I LOVE DAATH/JUDA!! Is there more about them?~~
Why YES! There is! It’s called Remnant: Jujin Omegaverse. It is currently being serialized monthly on Renta (and sometimes in Daria magazine) as well as being released through MULTIPLE other websites (including amazon.jp, ebookjapan and others, if you want to support the mangaka)

~~Will Remnant have anything about their babies?!~~
Unsure at this point. There have been ten chapters released and thus far, it has focused solely on when Daath and Juda met and the early days of their relationship (including some scenes with a young Kai). In recent chapters, Remnant has gotten close to the timeline of the ending of Pendulum, so who knows… It’ll depend on if sensei ends the story with this volume or goes with another.

**HOWEVER….. Hasumi-sensei has been doing a separate series all about Juda and Daath’s twins!! See the Tweet announcement here:https://twitter.com/fw_kisskiss/status/938723809183506432
And yes, NNN Scans will be translating this adorable series as well! The two released chapters have already been scanlated, but as it’s only being released in Daria, it means bi-monthly releases at best.

~~Will NNN Scans be translating Remnant as well?~~
YES YES YES, 1000% YES!!
We love this series completely and utterly. We can’t wait for you to see Remnant too! We’re always hard at work on any new chapter. Queen Yaoi on Facebook was kind enough to share her raws with us for the first few chapters and we’ve purchased the rest as they become available. Check her page, as she often posts the raws.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Queen Yaoi occasionally restricts access to her page to block Americans because Americans keep reporting her posts.

~~Japanese Release Status~~
Remnant Chapter 12 – Released in August.
Remnant Chapter 13 – Released in September

Petit Mignon Chapter 4 – Released at the end of August.

~~Our scanlation release status:~~
Chapter 1 of Remnant was released on July 11.
Chapter 2 of Remnant was released on Sept 30.
Chapter 3 of Remnant was released on Dec 3.
Chapter 1 of Petit Mignon was released on Dec 28.
Chapter 4 of Remnant was released on Jan 7.
Chapter 5 of Remnant was released on March 5.
Chapter 2 of Petit Mignon was released on March 9.
Chapter 6 of Remnant was released on April 1.
Chapter 7 of Remnant was released on April 25.
Chapter 8 of Remnant was released on May 19.
Chapter 9 of Remnant was released on June 29.
Chapter 3 of Petit Mignon was released on July 1.
Extra Chapter of Pendulum from April 2018 Daria was released Aug 3.
Chapter 10 was released on Oct 9.
Chapter 11 is pending SFX translation and typesetting (and all steps after that)
Chapter 4 of Petit Mignon is pending typesetting (and all steps after that).
Chapter 12 is being cleaned.


We have raws and are working on the following extras: Pendulum Drama CD extra, Remnant Drama CD extra, Remnant tanko extras. If there are any other bonus extras or one-page items out there that aren’t also on sensei’s Pixiv, we’d love raws!

~~Are there any Drama CDs for the series?~~
The Pendulum Drama CD was released in fall 2017. It had a short comic and longer extra. Those are waiting to be translated by our group. (Link to purchase:http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/FFCL-21 )

The Remnant drama CD was just released in Japan (April 21, 2018). (Link to purchase: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/FFCL-276 )

If you would like the audio and are unable to purchase it on your own, message me directly and I can link you.

~~How can I support the mangaka?~~
You can purchase the manga from Renta Japan or any online retailer that sells Japanese manga. I am proud to own most of the Daria magazines with Remnant/Pendulum covers plus all the tanko and CDs. You can like sensei’s posts on her social media accounts (but please DO NOT comment in English or any other languages except Japanese!).


Anything I forgot, let me know.

You can always find our group on Tumblr ( http://nijiniji-nikubou-scans.tumblr.com/) and Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/nijinijini/). We also have our own site with its own reader. We post chapters there at the same time they’re released, so it’ll always be available there first!! http://nnnscans.aijou.org/

There is also a group Discord, but invite codes expire too quickly for me to add here. Reach out to the links above to request a code.

~Ash The PR~


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